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Classroom Ideas for a New Year

Here are some of the things I am looking at using in my classroom this year!

1) 5 x 5 video

Lesson ideas: The 5 most important things about…great way to use video that is visually effective in conveying your point.

2) Stop Motion Video I learned how to make these at ISTE this year at an Adobe workshop, so easy and so fun.  You can use everything from PowerPoint to Movie Maker to Final Cut to make these.

Lesson ideas: Instead of The Federal System in Plain English, I may use this instead or use a choice board for this performance task and include both!

3) Obsessed with Blooms Taxonomy

Lesson Ideas: This year I will have my iPad in the classroom, I teach one class in the computer lab 3x a week and I have access to laptops. What I want to ensure is that I am hitting those higher order thinking skills.  Top of my list is Digitial Storytelling, now sure how…yet.

4) Graffiti Activity- I learned about this one at Summer Conference this year.  No technology involved (aside from taking the picture and posting it to the blog) but lots of 21st Century Skills like communication, cooperation, summarizing…

Lesson Idea: The above topic was 21st Century Skills, so I am going to do the same topic on the PD day on Monday.  For my social 9’s I am thinking of Canadian Government.  You can see an how to explanation on pg  22 of this document Beyond Monet instructional strategies.

What are you thinking about?


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