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A Week of Learning (August 28th)

Borrowing this idea of a weekly summary of the best links I have gathered from my PLN from my good friend George, you can visit him here and here.   Changing jobs this year from Peace Wapiti’s Educational Technology Coordinator to the Vice Principal at Peace Wapiti Academy, I am struggling to get my blogging groove back.  I can see how my needs have changed by what I have been bookmarking lately, less technology specific resources and more about leadership and relationships.

This best sums up my last two week at my new job….

CC Flickr Image shared by edtechworkshop

My dendrites are growing, I feel a bit like a fish out of water and I have messed up frequently but I am loving every minute!

The links that I loved this week….

Connected Principals – I am finding myself visiting and referencing this blog more and more frequently.  How Will You Lead This Year? talks about not making excuses modelling excellence,  embracing 21st Century Pedagogy and Curriculum and Professional Development. Second, The 17E’s of Excellent Electronic Leadership and I NEED to find that poster for my office.  Can someone hook me up?

Getting back to the important stuff.  Five Questions to Start the Year is a great reminder of what I want to do this year.  Hook, relationships, teach, model and reflect.  Building relationships is where I need to concentrate my time (people over paper) but I also need to get into the routine of daily reflection, which is where this blog comes into play.

You Matter, I love this Ted Talk by Angela Maiers

Have a fabulous first week back!


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