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A Week of Learning (Sept 4)

This last week was a little bit hectic and I will admit I am having a hard time carving out time to read and participate in my PLN like I used too.  However, I did sneak a few minutes here and there and these 3, very random links,  that resonated with me this week.

1) QR Codes in Plain English – This could not have been a more timely video.  First, because I am looking to use QR codes more in my school this year.  I am starting out small with my business card outside my office, but I am thinking of some interesting things to do with them this year.  Enter a contest, access videos, links to webpages and more.  I know my partner in crime, aka VP Lauzon, is using them in his PE class already! As a parent I would love to see them on every poster as I walk through my child’s school.

I also love the Common Craft videos, one of the first assignments we do in Social 9 is set criteria for what make a good “In Plain English” video and then we make one for the Canadian Federal Government.  Showing this I can kill two birds with one stone.

2) VocabGrabber – this is on my “trythis” list of bookmarks.  What this site does is allow you to copy a section of text into their tool.  It will then generate word lists with definitions and examples of the word in the context of the reading. 

It also connects to Visual Thesaurus which is another great tool to visualize words.  My only concern is  that visual thesaurus is no longer free.  You have a free number of words you are allowed to look up and then you must subscribe   , which I have not done.

3) It Will Change Education In this post Will Richardson reflects on a address given by George Siemens and I am really hoping that someone with some graphic design genius makes a visual of George’s quote.  Speaking of technology and more specifically the web…

If it changes how information is created
If it changes how information is shared
If it changes how information is evaluated
If it changes how people connect
If it changes how people communicate
If it changes what people can do for themselves…

Then it will change education, teaching and learning.

Time to share these changes as they are happening in my school!



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