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A Week of Learning (Sept 12)

Short and sweet and to the point this week!

1) Creating Inforgraphics with Your Students – since ISTE, and Kathy Schrock’s presentation, this has been on my hit list to try. The idea of being able to research, analyse, critically think and then create a powerful visual works perfect with much of the material in Social 9 this year.  I have tons of resources bookmarked, just need to find the right fit.

2) How to make assessment meaningful is always on my mind.  I loved this post Product or the Mark?  Two issues, how to detox students for “needing” a mark and finding the time to give every student the formative feedback they need in a timely manner.

3) 5 Strategies for Re-Engaging the Disengaged – Nothing earth shattering, just simple reminders.

4) Accidental Parenting and Accidental Teaching – this one hit close to home.  Short term gains for long term pain.  I am dealing with this, my 6 year old and not wanting to go to school.  In the long term the hard work will pay off, but on the edge of exhaustion and frustration we revert to something (bribing, promising) that will get us the immediate result we want.

What did you learn this week?  What would you share?

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