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A Week of Learning (Sept 18)

Blog Posts Worth Sharing

1) Presenting Learning with Stop Motion – I went to a fabulous Stop Motion session when I was at ISTE in June.  Since then Stop Motion has been integrating Stop Motion into one of my performance tasks. Not sure if I will use PowerPoint, Movie Make (although I have been advised to go back a version or iMotion (which I downloaded after reading this blogpost).  I tend to use whatever works, which sometimes mean using a little bit of everything.

2) QR Codes in the Classroom – this week I will be introducing our In Plain English Assignment and we will be watching QR codes in Plain English.  I then hope to have them pop up around the school now and then.  Link to a quick survey for our iPlan block, to a video or website or maybe to the schedule for the week.

Tools Worth Trying

Running short on time lately, my latest obsession is Pinterest, which is a visual bookmarking.  I am finding when I have time at the end of the day, instead of launch tweetdeck I head to Pinterest to see what people have been pinning.  I have a couple of great boards on the go for school.

Education Quotes


Presentation Graphics


Here is to another fabulous week!


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