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Universal Design for Learning

This was a cross post from the PWSD Community of Practice Blog.

This session was so fabulous it deserves its’ own post.  I will admit I am a UDL newbie and Sandra Guth ( was just amazing during this presentation.  She jam packed the hour with useful examples, tools and strategies to provide Learning Opportunities for All!

“The problem does not reside with the learner but with the interactions with the learning environment.”

There are 3 Principals to UDL

1.       Multiple means of Representing – provide a variety of ways to acquire  information

·         Text Compacter – a text summarizing tool

·         Shahi – a visual doctionary

·         National on Demand a 10 minute recap of current events

·         360 Cities panoramic pictures from around the world

2.       Multiple means of Action and Expression – provide alternatives for learners to demonstrate what they know

·         Cartooning – Comic Life  , BitStrips Toondoo Stipgenerator

·         Audio – Crazy Talk PhotoSpeak APP Voki

·         Big Huge Labs

3.       Multiple means of engagement – tap into learning styles and provide choice with how learners participate.

I really like this quote that was on the handout for this session:

“The usual mantra is to try harder.  Trying harder is impossible when you’re already trying as hard as you can.  But you can always try different” – Seth Godin




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