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This is year two of my 365 photo project and I still love it!  I started doing this two years ago for some work/life balance.  Some weeks and months are better than others, but at the end of the year I have a fabulous digital document of what has happened in my life this year.  With 286 posts this year, slightly down from 2010, I had a number of pictures to choose from.  Since I couldn’t narrow it down and because this is a project about balance, I have created two shows. (You can see last years creations here)

The first is 60 images of life in the Clevling/Bromette household.  It has been a crazy year of travel (Mexico, Philly, Kelowna), start of Grade 1 and Kindergarten, a new job and lots of baking and crafts.  Enjoy.

The first 6 months of last year were a whirlwind of work related travel.  I omitted the numerous pictures of hotel rooms, airports and tarmacs and only brought you the highlights.  These beauties are the ones that made the photo blog, many more made my professional blog, they show the people, places and presentation that I was lucky to be a part of last year.  Then I got a new job, which I love, but my photo blog took a beating as I tried to negotiate some balance.  But you do get a sneak peek, with more to come this year, inside my new school.

365/2011 at Work via Photopeach! ( I couldn’t get it to embed and got tired of fighting with it!)

Happy New Years and all the best in 2o12!


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