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365 with me!

The idea is to take a picture and post it every day for a year.  I love doing this!  Not only do I have a digital diary of my year, it is fun to look back to see what you were doing a year ago or two years ago and to see how we have all grown and changed.  This will be my third year doing this and I have no regrets.

Day 1 of 365/2012 - Thrill Hill

There are a number of different ways to do this, just find the one that works best for you.  Here is my set up:

The Website

I post my pictures at by signing up at for a free blog.  Once you have set up your site, picked a template and linked you posterous account with Facebook and Twitter (that way every time you post it automatically posts to those places as well!) you are ready to go.  Each site has a unique email address that you can use to post your photo’s, that is how I do it.  I rarely sign into the actual site once I have set it up, just fire off an email to to have it automatically published.

The Cameras

I take my pictures with one of three cameras, and more often than not they come straight off my phone camera.  I have an old iPhone 3GS, not the best camera but it works just fine for this project.  I also sometimes use my iPad and I also have a Nikkon D5100.  I also cheat sometimes and just use pictures that others people send me.  When Oma and Opa have the kids on an adventure and send me pictures via email, I just forward them onto my 365 blog.  I also sometimes just post some of my web2.0 creations that are not pictures at all.  But this is my 365 project, right?

The Extras

Since I have stopped travelling with my laptop I needed someway to get my pictures off my camera and onto a device with email.  I picked up the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit at Future Shop and it works perfectly.  Just pop the SD card out of my camera and drop the pictures on my iPad, from there a simple email.

On days where I have too many pictures to share, I use the Strip Design app on both my iPhone and iPad.  It is well worth the $2.99 for the crazy number of templates and options for photo collages.

Other Options

Posterous works for me but it’s not for everyone.  I have been exploring a couple of different options, that I think look fabulous.

  • ShutterCal makes this beautiful calendars of your photos.  I love how this looks.
  • 365 Project was passed along to me via Twitter, and those tweeps love it.  Say it is super easy to set up and use.
  • Flickr has tons for 365 groups to join.  Again ease of set up and use plus you can license your photos for reuse or not.

So who is with me? We can help and encourage each other throughout the year.  Let mek now if you need any help getting started!



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  1. I am definitely in…might need some advice to get started.


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