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Top 5 Tech of 2011

These would be the technologies that I use, love and highly recommend that others give a try to!

5) iPad I love this device, no I will not be trading in my computer, but I will travel much lighter and access what I need much quicker with it.  It is not my computer replacement but my in between device.  I love the ease at which I can go to twitter, Facebook, pinterest and email.  I love the educational apps my kids play and talking books that they adore.  I appreciate posts like “Top 10o Apps for High School” where I can go and get ideas for how I could use this in the classroom.

4) Kindle Yes, I have a Kindle and an iPad, they have very different purposes.  I read on my Kindle, just read.  No distractions, no backlighting, just plain and simple reading. Originally I bought my Kindle when I started my Masters.  It has this nifty feature where you can email documents to it, highlight them up and then gather your highlights as notes.  Screams back to school, doesn’t it?  However,  I have read more in the last year than I have in the last decade.  I love the prices and how easy  and quick it is to order books.  I adore the wish list so I can line up the books that I want to read.  I also love the Kindle app, I have it on my iPhone and iPod and when I am stuck somewhere with a little time I just pull out my book.  Now don’t get me wrong, my household also has a Nook Color, which is a much better device for magazines and kids books but for my purpose the Kindle is perfect.

3)Kidblog I loved this blogpost “Don’t hand in, Publish” and that is what my students are doing this year.  Both of my social classes, 9B and 9D, are blogging away.   Is it perfect?  Do they all love it?  No way!  But is a work in progress and I can see their writing and their critical thinking skills improving every time they consider hitting that publish button.  We would love some comments, so please stop on by!

2) Twitter I joined in 2007 and it has been a journey.  From lurker to contributor and back to lurker again.  One thing has never changed, it is my single most valuable network for professional development.  Nothing else even comes close.

1) Pinterest is my guilty pleasure.  A visual bookmarking tool that gives me inspiration for at home, kids crafts and cooking, and at work, quotes and lesson plans.  It is a rare web 2.o tool that can bridge that work/life gap and be applicable in both.

What are was your top technology tools for 2011?


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  1. Twitter is definitely top 5!
    I look forward to another year of further integration of technology, time and place. ie iclouds, googledocs etc. Ease of flow will enhance our exchanges.
    And the final frontier will be an expanded brain to hold all the passwords 🙂 Actually, that will have to be one of the integrations. (Happy New Year!)

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