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Why Pin?

Pinterest was one of my top tech picks for 2011, I am addicted!  I start my day by seeing what my friends have pinned and end my days perusing through different categories to see what is interesting.  It’s fun and easy.  A quick way to get ideas for home and school.

But why pin vs other bookmarking tools?  I have a Delicious account, since November 13, 2oo7, with almost 3000 bookmarks.  But look at the difference.

Delicious Infographic Bookmarks


Infographics on Pinterest

If I am looking for an infographic to use I want to be able to quickly browse and find the one that I want.  Same goes for recipes, Pinterest looks like a cookbook!

At the end of a long day I browse through categories of Food and Drink, Kids and Humor.  Something always catches my eye.

Now Delicious still has it’s place as abookmarking tool in my toolbox.  Using Packrati I tie my tweets to my delicious account so that every tweet with a URL gets bookmarked.  It is also awesome at sorting.  If I want all my bookmarks that have to do with Social Studies 8 and the Aztecs, the Delicious tagging is perfect and lands me where I need it.

Sqworl also has a place in my bookmarking toolbox.

Literacy Writing Tools on Sqworl

It is the perfect, for me, visual bookmarking tool to share websites with students.

So pick what works for you for the job at hand.  But if you join Delicious or Pinterest make sure to give me a follow!



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