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Finding Balance

I am struggling to find balance.

The first week after the holidays I swung so far to the life side, it was great!  I was home everyday before 5, took the kids swimming every other day and packed in work before 10 every night.  Granted we had two snow days that week and my sister was up but I was doing great.  Patting myself on the back.  Week 2 hit with a vengeance.  I could not seem to get home before 6, never cooked a meal last week, could not seem to put work away and by the end of the week I was completely and utterly spent.  I swung WAY back the other way.

Here we go for week 3.  I am going to try again this week to balance.  Started tonight by taking the kids swimming and getting a few lanes in myself.  I have booked a massage and planned meals where I will have to be home to cook them.

So what do you do to try to maintain some balance in your life?


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