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What’s on your iPad?

This question is asked frequently and I end up emailing screen shots of some of my favourite. So here goes…

My home screen

Always ready to go are Email, Twitter, Facebook and MobileRSS. I am playing around more with the Newstand as I am getting some great deals on my favourite magazines. GroceryIQ is a must for every iFamily. It syncs between devices and both hubby or myself can keep it updated. This is also where I keep my PowerSchool apps for when I am at school.

Image manipulation apps

My go to apps are PhotoShop, mostly for cropping, and StripDesign for collages. The others I use on occasion.

Digital Storytelling Apps

I have had success with StoryRobe and Storykit, myself, the rest are on my must try out more. My own kids love Puppetpals but I have yet to use it in the classroom.

Audio Apps


Brainstorming Apps

Love these, great for taking notes in meetings or throwing to a student to make a simple, or not so simple, mindmap. Trouble is the free versions tend to not allowing for saving or emailing, which is the version most of my students use. So we end up taking a low quality screenshot.




Evernote and Dropbox are my go tos in terms of syncing and storing across devices. The others I use sporadically if needed.

Just for fun

Hours of mindless fun! Who can resist a little Diner Dash or Angry Birds to end the day.

Don’t forget the little people


I have lots of other apps here and there that I play around with an use. Epicurious for cooking, Zinio for magazines, Scabble for word game and Kindle to read when I leave my Kindle behind.

What are your favourite apps?


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