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A week of Learning – Feb 5th

1) Re-thinking High School – My school is a part of the Alberta high school flexibility project and had two presentations at the Re-Thinking High School online conference.  The archives of all the webinars are now available online.  Being part of the project means the removal of the Carnegie Unit to allow for more flexibility in curriculum delivery and school day.  In Ideas I’d Like my Principal to Consider: The Schedule  Karl Fisch writes of the variable schedule at his school and the opportunities it affords. 

2) Web Tool- Urlist allows you to creates a list of links to share with one URL.  This would be an easy way to share resources.

3) 25 Word Stories – Having used 6 Word Stories in my classroom already this year,  25 Word Stories and the process outline in this blog will work perfectly.

4) You Will be Disappointed – I will disappoint someone and someone will disappoint me, in the world of rising expectations it is just going to happen but the alternative is WAY worse!

If you do not use Packrati to bookmark your twitter links, you are seriously missing out.  For now I have mine going to my delicious account but you can get them saved to a number of different places. 


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