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A Week of Learning – Feb 12th

1) Periodic Table of Visualization Methods – I am not a visual learner so ways to represent learning visually do not come easily to me.  This resource gives me a ton of ideas in a great package.

2) Teacher Workload – as tripartite negotiations dissolved, seemingly over instructional time, and the provincial budget numbers came down it looks like we are in for an interesting year. 

CC Flickr Image shared by mikefisher821

3) 30 Webtools to Transform the Classroom – I usually know what I want to do in my classroom but finding the tool that fits the bill is sometimes a challenge.  I love these little collections of tools but am not delusion in thinking that it is one of these tools that will transform the classroom.

4) Vocabulary Strategies Templates –  always looking for ways for students to build vocabulary and context.  I use the Frayer model a lot in my classroom but am always on the look out for other options.


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