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Week of Learning – Feb 19th

Got to love the family day long weekend!  Not only does it give that extra bit of time with the family but your see an avalanche of sharing on Twitter.  That extra day just gives you a little more time to put off the planning and marking and take a look around you.

1) Moodle Posters – Moodle is the glue that holds all the pieces of my classroom together.  I use it everyday with my social 9’s and don’t know what I would do without it.  I am always looking for visuals to share with students and teachers about Moodle.  So when 7 Moodle posters came across my twitter feed, I knew it was a keeper.  Here is one of my favourites;

2) Visual Prompts and Political Cartoons – I am about to get started the next section in my social class on Collective Rights.  I tend to spend a lot more time looking at source based images and political cartoons to analyze the historical context for collective rights in Canada.    Why not use political Cartoons?  15 Places to find them was the first find of the week then came the Picture Prompt Linky Party which I am hoping with garner some interesting writing prompts.  Or motivate me to make some of my own!
3) 2Learn’s Web 2.0 Tools – what a fabulous go to resource!  I need to remember to use this more often.  It would be a great, safe place to send students when they are trying to select the right tool for the job.
4) Learning Our Way, Public Lecture Series – I have been lucky enough to hear a couple of the previous speakers in this series, including Sir Ken Robinson, Sherry Turkle and Dennis Shirley but I really want to go to the next two.  Trying to figure out if I can swing going to both, with work and kids, and attach them to trips that I am already down south for.  You should try to attend too!

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