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Week of Learning – March 3rd

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It’s actually been two weeks!  It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but basketball season ended on Saturday so I am hoping to have a little

more time on my hands.  All of my delicious bookmarks can be found at

1)  Investigating Images from the Critical Thinking Consortium – I used this last week in Social 9 around collective rights of First Nations, it worked beautifully.  Inferences from images!

2) Historical Tweets – I have done a paper tweeting assignment with my social 8’s before where they had to tweet, using an image prompt, from the point of view of the Samurai in Japan.  I think this can be a fabulous critical thinking activity.

3) Main Idea and Summarizing Digitized – I am obsessed with inforgraphics and looking for the right time and place to introduce them in the classroom.  Take a look at all my inforgraphic bookmarks and pins

4) 5 Reasons I Don’t Assign Homework – I don’t, here are some more reasons to add to my arsenal.

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