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Week(s) of Learning (Sept 8th)

It has been awhile since I did one of these.  The school year got away from me and then I took the summer to recharge and get ready for this year.  But here we try again! You can find all of my delicious link at

1) 10 Ideas for Video Projects – some of the best activities in our classroom involve video and I am always looking for more.  Last year we tried our hand (again) and re-creating “In Plain English Videos”

and Sock Puppets

2) 10 Fun Tools to Create Infographics – my love affair with infographics is still going strong.  I am trying to figure out the best way to introduce and use them this year in Social 9.  I am hoping to start off with my course outline built as a infographic!

3) Tools 4 Thought – from the Critical Thinking Consortium, I have used activities from the consortium for years and love them.  One of my favourites is getting students to ask powerful questions.  I just received my on-line subscription to Tools 4 Thoughts and I am looking forward to exploring this more this year!

4) What Do You Want to Create? – my classroom theme is “Create, Collaborate, Critically Think and Communicate” and I love this matrix of ideas from Cool Cat Teacher!


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