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2012 – Reflection on Balance

For the past couple of years I have been using a single word to guide and focus my year. (Find last year’s post at

So last year, 2012, my word was

Nest B Christmas Sparkle letter A letter L letter A letter N c letter E

This was a tough year for me both personally and professionally.  I started a new job, as a vice principal of a 9-12, not only was I a first time administrator, it was my first time at a high school.  My saving grace was that I was teaching social studies 9 again, so I had a little bit of breathing room.  Personally my son had a rough couple months at school, it was tough on the whole family, but we seems to have turned a corner and he LOVES going this year.

So overall, I give myself a solid SO-SO…

  • The Good – Professional Development for me.  This year I have stepped up finding what I need to do my job better.  Instead of being the facilitator, I am sitting in sessions acquiring the new skills sets that I need.  Baking, I love to bake and have been making time on Sundays to do that, most of the baking then heads to work (much to my husband’s dismay) but it’s a start.
  • The Great – I took more personal days that I ever have.  For my son’s birthday, for a girl’s weekend to Phoenix for my daughter’s Kinder graduation.  We went on family vacations to Mexico, Banff and fishing.  I have even managed to sneak away to watch gymnastics Wednesday afterschool.  Taking care of me has also improved.  I bought a SPA membership and I used it, at least once a month for a massage.  I have also made those much overdue medical and dental appointments, no more putting them off.
  • The Bad – as a family we still live for weekends, as much as I love to cook, this seems to be the only time that I get a chance to as I still have trouble getting home at a reasonable time.  While I continued with my 365 project, this year was my least amount of posted pictures.
  • The Ugly – still having trouble saying no.  On top of continuing with two ATA positions, I added a Teacher’s Convention position.   Something will have to go!

So while it was not perfect, it could have been worse.  I know this is something I will have to always have to work on.  I am my father’s daughter, we work hard but we also play hard…when we give ourselves the time to do so!

What do you do to help keep yourself balanced?


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  1. Great post. I find balance is the toughest thing to deal with my life. I still haven’t found the courage to blog myself so I appreciate the fact that you take the time to reflect and share. Good luck on your journey to balance in 2013!


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