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Connecting Amidst Connectivity

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This was the first lecture as part of the Promise and Peril of Emerging Technologies: Research Colloquium

I was super excited to snag a table facilitator position and attend this event.  Two years ago a similar event was held that had my mind spinning and me questioning the impact of technology on our minds, bodies and relationships.  This one did the same.

First one


Michael Rich

Center on Media and Child Health


The Key Ideas that I captured from this portion of the day….

  •  Blindly embracing, mindlessly running away OR can we be mindful?
  •  10 hours 45 minutes is the daily average screen time for 8-18 year olds
    • Only 7 hours 38 minutes of media use but because of multiple screens this adds over 3 hours
  • Multitasking & Influences
    • What is the effect of multiple screens?
    • Second/third screens are not filtered by our critical thinking, does this make them more influential?
  • Have you heard from your students?  “When I stay awake at school, I don’t remember.”
    • Missing sleep cycles that move things from our short term to our long term memories
    • REM sleep is important for consolidating memory and we are getting less and less
  • MRI scans & the value in boredom
    • Doing nothing, mind wandering has more brain areas light up
    • When we have nothing to do we build our sense of self
    • Creativity time
  • It didn’t happen until it is shared
    • FOMO – fear of missing out
    • Stay online for self defense – need to know what is happening
    • Don’t tell adults because the first thing we do is take away access to technology
    • We are behaving the way we have always done but the environment is different
  • What can you do…
    • Learn alongside your students and children
    • Respect them enough to enter their world
    • Be the student
    • Tech tools to create, critically think
    • Choose what are exposing our attention to
    • Digital Sabbath – 24 hour period without media

The one that blew my parenting mind was “Do not put limits on screen time, but rather fill their 24 with priorities. Media is not the forbidden fruit.”  In my house we exceed every average for screen time but we do put limits on time and this is where the fighting and negotiation happens.  In hindsight helping children (and some adults) prioritize their daily life is a far more useful skill than putting hard limits on time.

This was the first hour of the day and I was already reeling!


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