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My Digital Footprint

Google me and you shall find me.  I choose to live public and connected.  Please check out a few pieces of my digital footprint.

Blogging – I have a number of different blogs for both personal and professional documentation, reflection and sharing.

My Favourite Recipes

PWSD Educational Technology 

Twitter – Twitter is my ultimate education connection.  Anytime and just in time professional development, resources, reflections and sharing with colleagues from around the world.  I maintain a personal twitter account, @jenclevette,

Bookmarks – A public bookmarking site is my easiest way to share what is coming across my desk that I feel others could use.  They are tagged according to topic, division and/or subject.  At present I use Delicious but I am slowly moving to Diigo.

Facebook – I am the administrator of our school’s Facebook page 

Instagram – Since the demise of Posterous, my 365 project has taken a turn for the worse.  I toyed with Tumblr but seemed to have settled with Instagram

Pinterest – I am an avid Pinner of recipes, classroom tools and other things that interest me.

Presentations – My presentations are usually blogged or resources hosted in Moodle, however at times I resort to straight up PowerPoint.  My presentation are available on Slideshare for download.

Other Places you will find me referenced online:


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