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Principal Quality Standard

**Always Under Construction**

The Principal Quaility Standard is outlined by Alberta Education and serves as the basis for my Professional Growth Plan.  In the past I have handed in a piece of paper, this year I want to try make my PGP a living document that I can share and reflect upon.

Goal 1: Providing Instructional Leadership

As outline in Alberta Education’s Principal Quality Standard, a principal shall  “ensure that all students have ongoing access to quality teaching and learning opportunities to meet the provincial goals of education”


  • PWA PD Planning Committee : 2013/14 Anxiety and Student Mental Health
  • Administrator PD Committee: planning Open Spaces and Admin Retreat
  • Div 3 Assessment Committee: planning and facilitating administrator book study
  • High School Flexibility cohort : ongoing support
  • Model and share strategies and resources through a variety of mediums.  (Twitter, Facebook, email, door)

Goal 2: Fostering Effective Relationships

As outline in Alberta Education’s Principal Quality Standard, a principal shall “builds trust and fosters positive working relationships….within the school community — students, teachers and other staff, parents, school council and others who have an interest in the school.”


  • Review: Setting the Direction: Action on Inclusion
  • Review:Inspiring Education
  • Work to develop relationships with colleagues, students and parents.
  • Development a variety methods to gather feedback
  • Share successes at PWA in a variety of ways (Facebook, Twitter, PWSD Communications Officer)

Goal 3: Managing School Operations and Resources

As outline in Alberta Education’s Principal Quality Standard, a principal shall “manages school operations and resources to ensure a safe and caring, and effective learning environment.”


  • Work closely with school Councillors and attend Monday Team Meetings.
  • Communication with PWA administration team, other district administrators
  • Review current district and school policies
  • Review current provincial regulation and policy
  • Budget and plan for technology at PWA

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