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Jennifer (Jen) Clevette

11505 83rd Ave.

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Phone:  (780) 357-0264

E-mail: (


Resume as PDF


Masters of Educational Technology (in Progress)
University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Education (December 2000)
Education Major: Social Studies, Minor: Mathematics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Bachelor of Arts Degree Political Science (April 1999)
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta

Advanced High School Diploma (1994)
Fairview High School
Fairview, Alberta

Work Experience


Vice Principal/Teacher Peace Wapiti Academy (September 2011 – Present)

Peace Wapiti School District


  • Administrative Portfolios: Special Education, Technology, Occupational Health & Safety
  • Teaching Assignment: Social Studies 9, Knowledge & Employability Social Studies 9


Education Technology Coordinator (September 2009 to present)

Peace Wapiti School District


  • Moodle Administrator (Student, Teacher and Distributed Learning Moodles)
  • Staff Professional Development and In-service training (Moodle, SMARTBoard, Web 2.0 and related technology integration)

One on one peer coaching

Staff district day

School wide technology integration school improvement days

Inter-District in-servicing

Teachers Convention

Cohort Groups (ie. AISI and PLC groups)

  • District Parent Council Sessions on Digital Citizenship
  • Communication through District Facebook, YouTube channel, Blog and website
  • Represent District at Jurisdictional Technology Contacts and Community of Practice
  • Assist District AISI Curriculum Coordinators
  • Liaison with other school districts on using Moodle

Moodle Coordinator (September 2008-2009 (0.5 FTE))

Peace Wapiti School District

Junior High (September 2001-2008(1.0 FTE), 2008 – 2009 (0.5 FTE))

Hythe Regional Junior High School

Teaching Assignment:

  • Mathematics 8 & 9, Social Studies 7, 8 & 9, Computers 7, 8 & 9
  • Option Courses (First Aid Option, Project Science Option, Digital Design Option, Math Help Option, Digital Photography Option, Explore the Web Option, Media Option, Technology for the 21st Century)


  • Technology Contact and Lead Teacher
  • Division 3 Social Cohort Team Leader

 Summer School (July 2001)

Northern Lights School Division

Lac La Biche, Alberta

Teaching Assignment:

•   Mathematics 10, Pure, Applied and Prep


Grade 6 Homeroom (March-June 2001)

Dr. Swift Middle School

Lac La Biche, Alberta

Teaching Assignment:

  • Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Health and Computers


  • Intro to SMARTboards, Google Docs & QR Codes – Secondary Education North (January 2014)
  • Blogging 101 and Let’s Get Blogging – Middle Years Conference (April 2011)
  • Technology Integration for Division 4 Social Studies (April 2011)
  • All About Blogging and Technology Integration for Social Studies Div 3 – Mighty Peace Teachers Convention 2011
  • Becoming a Networked Educational Leader (Grande Prairie F2F) (March 2011)
  • iPads in the Classroom – Administrator Meeting with Daren Pullishy (March 2011)
  • State of ET/IT – PWSD School Board (Dec 2010)
  • Introduction to Social Media – ASBOA (October 2010)
  • Using the Professional Development Collaborative Site – Alberta Teachers Association Professional Development Area Conference (October 2010)
  • Cultivating a Digital Classroom – 3 Day Professional Development Cohort (2010/11 School Year)
  • Surviving with Students in a Digital World- Parent Council Presentations (2010/11 School Year)
  • Online Content to Support Student Learning- Joint Parent Council (October 2010)
  • New Teacher Technology Orientation (August 2010)
  • Professional Development Need Assessment – Alberta Teachers Association Summer Conference (August 2010)
  • Personal Learning Networks, Intro to Moodle, Podcasting in the Classroom (Mighty Peace Teachers Convention, March 2010)
  • Wireless & E-learning Resources for Parents & Students (December 2009, Administrators & School Board Meeting)
  • Drive by Moodling (November 2009, Administrators Meeting)
  • Northwest Learning Consortium’s Introduction to Moodle (High Prairie, Peace River Fall 2009)
  • SMARTboard Level 1 (August 2009)
  • Personal Learning Network (August 2009 District Day)
  • School Improvement Day Workshops (2009, Harry Balfour, Savanna, Sexsmith Secondary)
  • Three Favourite Moodle Tools (March 2009, Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention)
  • Read & Write Gold (February 2009, AISI Assistive Learning Technology)
  • Literacy Playground (February 2009, AISI Division III Literacy)
  • Peace Wapiti Moodle (January 2009, Distributed Learning Working Group)
  • Moodle Overview (October 2008, Administrators Meeting)
  • Introduction to Moodle (August 2008 District Day)

Leadership InitiativesPWSD Division ¾ Assessment Committee (2013-present)

Professional Development



Mrs. Wanda Gerard

Peace Wapiti Academy, Principal


Mr. Dwayne Speager

Principal, Hythe Regional Junior High



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