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Letter of Reference: Wanda Gerard, Principal Peace Wapiti Academy

Letter of Reference: Brian Shields, Assistant Superintendent for Peace Wapti School Division

Letter of Reference: Leslie Snyder, North West Regional Learning Consortium
And extra special thanks to you!  Thanks for being flexible and taking us on short notice.  Thank you for your technical expertise.  Thank you for your patience in helping with each and every glitch/problem/question.  Thank you for everything!  My students are really into this project and are enjoying the process.
Rena Kyle
Beaverlodge Elementary

Hey Jen,
Thanks so much for you nice note and cute stickers!  That made my day, as I am sitting here plugging away at report cards and decided to take a little walk to the mailboxes!  I really appreciate all your help.  We are so blessed to be able to request one on one time with our own “tech goddess” , and I really appreciate all the hard work you do to help us try and keep up with all the amazing tech tools that have come our way.
Thanks again and take care,
Cheryl Fletcher
Hythe Regional School

Thanks Jen! Your presentation was awesome! I will keep you in the loop
as we jump into moodle.
Clint Carrell
Computer Systems Administrator
Grande Prairie Catholic School District 28

It was great having one-on-one time with Jen Clevette yesterday at BRHS.  I was able to learn new skills in several areas (email, web design, presentation software, etc) that I could use immediately in my classroom and in my planning.

Jen was enthusiastic and so easy to talk with, and she didn’t make me feel stupid when I asked questions that I probably should have known.

Thanks for making this program happen.  It is the perfect PD for me!
Donna Lewis
Beaverlodge High School

Thank you so much for your presentation.  Everyone I spoke to learned a lot and appreciated you taking the time to speak with us.  You were fab!
JoAnn Vanstone
PWSD Corporate Secretary

Hi Jen,

Yesterday was great!  Thanks for coming out and giving the kids a different perspective.  It always helps to have other people reinforce and support what we teach.

We went to the Zoe and Molly site today, and the kids really enjoyed the ‘make a character’ part and writing the end of the story.  From my end, I think the presentation was excellent – I was also amazed at what they knew.  It scares me a little…

I will ask the other teachers for their suggestions as well.

Thanks again,
Kathy Anderson
Woking School

Thanks for hard work and leadership on this Jen. We will get busy and pull together the follow-up publication.
Jean-Claude Couture
The Alberta Teachers’ Association

Thank so much for continuing to include us.  You are doing wonderful things for teacher support.
Treva Emter,
Supervisor of Instruction
High Prairie School Division #48
Thanks for so many things, but thanks for being the guiding force for the cohort for the past two years and for putting up with me and my  technical inadequacies. I’m going to miss those days and the time for collaboration.
Sandi Busch
Hythe Regional School

You really are the best PD person I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. You understand teachers, and work yourself far beyond anyone’s expectation.
Jon Konrad
Ed Tech PWSD

KUDOS to you for using SmartBoard for your meeting last night – leading by example – love working with you – you push me harder!~ Karen said you had a few “learning moments” but she was so impressed with your professional way of handling those …. good for you!
Leslie Snyder

Thank you ever so much for your excellent presentation this afternoon. Beyond being delightful to meet you, I learned exactly what I needed to be up and using these terrific tools of communication and instruction. The adventure has just begun!
Peter Goertzen, Chair
Substitute Teachers’ Committee

Two weeks ago, I didn’t even know what the student collaboration site was.  Then Jen Clevette gave me 30 minutes of help and I built that lesson in less than half an hour.  Jen is available to come help at your schools, too!

Have Fun,
Joan Cooke

WoW!!!!!  I’ll be using this site for my computer class tomorrow!  Thank you very much.  I’ve started forwarding to others.  Have a great weekend!
Collette Simpson
AISI Math Division I

I wish there was a nobel prize for mining the internet; I’d nominate Jen
Mike McKay
AISI Math Division 3

Cool!  Being old school, I’d want to see a paper copy of the materials exactly as they would be presented on the Moodle site before loading them on.  I do see lots of opportunity here to allow students in small schools without access to a Fashion Studies lab to enroll and take Fas Modules through BRHS.  Also to allow students who don’t have the time in their timetable here to access the modules as well.   Maybe I could become a work from home teacher!!!
Cathy Clarke Marlow
Beaverlodge Regional

I too had had a great time!  In fact, I’m very excited about the ecommunity and having someone available to give me a hand is really wonderful.
Kate Thon
Harry Balfour

Just want you to know that I hear all the time how much Shyann loves you for a math teacher.  She thinks you are wonderbar:-)  Thanks for making a difference in my kids’ life.
Patti & Randy


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